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S/S 2016 Lookbook | Hana

This is the very first ever we are bringing the whole team (including @tea_label 's team) for 'out of town' photoshoot with Adi (@jonihobiholiday). It was such an exciting moment to work alongside with Adi for POTTS lookbook. I remembered seeing Adi's work after a few friends (who were such fanatic of his work) was totally recommended him, to hired him  as our wedding photographer. Which we did! (fortunately). Me and Titov's most favorite frame of our wedding day was the one he shot with his film camera. it was stunning, with a perfect colour tone and solid mood. And I remembered how I wish that he shot our wedding, everything on film.

Fast forward six months and and we find our self  in photoshoot with him (again), but this time it's for POTTS and now we are going to shoot all day using film. It was such an uneasy experience and feeling, since not only we can't take a peak of our photoshoot that day, but also it was going to be finished a month after, since Adi needed to send all the films to US to get them developed and scanned it before starting on editing process. Such a long journey isn't it?

I can't stressed enough on how rain is pouring through the whole week before we're about to having our photoshoot. My very first questions when we landed was 'How is the weather in Bali recently?'. the driver told me that how Bali's been pouring the whole weeks and I was thinking 'Ok, no problem. if tomorrow rain then we'll find a place and just shoot indoor. To which God bless us with the sun were shinning a bit too bright that day. we prep our photoshoot both indoor and outdoor.

....... anddd, below is the frame I was talking about. Hope you feel the same with me. 

Credit Tittle:

Photographed by @jonihobiholiday
Accesories by @tea_label
Shoes by @ittaherl
Make Up by @byvinnyolivia

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If you are running a small scale business (UKM) like mine, you'll find you're self multi tasking a lot. Sometimes I will be the designer, most of the times i will be a social media content creator/public relations, a sales person, and there are some days I also become a model too, like today :). My husband  who were also my partner was not so different than me. He was the head of production and daily operation, the finance guy, and sometimes are the photographer too (love you hubby).

On very different topic, you guys must know that I just made a survey, because I need to get a feed back from some of my customers. Some of the results came to us as a surprise. Like the answers to questions about 'which of POTTS collection you like the most', i would expecting that most of you will answer 'daydream amy' but turned out, it was the art deco inspired collection '1920' (what's happening?!?).

it was also warm hearted (and also a bit shocking) to saw that there's none of you, put our customer service quality rate below average, on the other hand most of you voted our customer service as 'high quality' :). thank you!

the main reason why I was decided to made survey is because I felt that I've been doing a weak customer service and needed your input for improvement.  Therefore seeing the results of the survey so far, come a bit shocked to me.

some of the results are more predictable though. From the survey, it's confirmed that only few of you who read the blog (yes! this blog!). But, I really enjoy writing (when I have time of course), so I really don't care that if almost no one reads this blog (5 people particularly from the survey), and knowing that this blog was so unpopular, it gives me more freedom to create the content for it :). Because you know, your instagram will be about your persona you created, you can't post one content on instagram without thinking thoroughly about the effect of it to the whole other content, or wether it's about to send the right messages. But this blog and our new baby: snapchat, will be about our personal thought and daily life. So.... thank you so much to five of you who read this blog and to all of you who care enough to do the survey

if you haven't done the survey please click here, so you can give us a valuable input and help us to improve.

Don't forget to follow our snapchat: pottsjakarta

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As Potts grew, we always remembered those who've been a really great help for us at the beginning. we were so lucky that we got so many new friends, whom were kind to help us by giving critics, support, and also help up spread the word of our new born brand. One of the person who were kindly enough to support us back then, were Josephine Widira from Moreno Photography. the brainchild behind Moreno Photography and now Lost and Found Jakarta. 

Now it's been almost two years since we have knows each other, but our friendship continues and now she is more than just a stylist that once we worked with. But, also a mentor and a person that we can trust, when we need an honest opinion about something. 

Love her Instagram feed? you should meet her in person. She got great sense of humor and a bubbly personality. We love talking to her as she knows about almost everything, i reckon it's because she was such voracious reader.

Here is the glimpse of our #WOMANSPEAKSATURDAY interview with her.

1. If a movie were made based on your life and career, what would be the title and who you'd think should play you?

Hmm my life is so so to be a movie, nothing interesting, but if it has has to be a movie I would love to name it : Its all in the day job, cause my life revolve around my work, and if i may bias, I wish my cast is a pretty one, my favourite Laura Basuki is my choice, even she look so much different than me. She is sooo pretty.

2. What list of book do you think everyone should read?

For young fashion entrepreneur like you

1. Opening Ceremony
2. Yohji Yamamoto ( the red big one )
3. Grace Coddington 
4. #Girlboss by Sophia Amoruso
5. Coming up Roses by Cath Kidston
6. Any Dianne Vreeland and Coco Chanel biography
7. The Zappos experience by Joseph A Micheli
8. Minding my Business by Adeena Minogna
9. Elsa Schiaparelli by Meryle Secrest
10. All Alexander Mc Queen Biography

Which one inspire me most ?
Opening Ceremony , the book that impregnate me to Lost and Found JKT. 
And all Alexander Mc Queen Biography I think should be the first book to read for each fashion student 

For young moms

1. Buy me the Sky by Xin Ran
2. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua
3. Bringing up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman
4. Real Boys by William Fullace
5. How Eskimos keep Their Babies Warm by Meiling Hopgood

You only can stand 1 book ? Then get Buy me The Sky, it will cringe you out of your lung to educate your kids well.

For teens

1. The Teen Vogue Handbook 
2. Always pack a a Party Dress by Amanda Brooks
3. My Paris Dream by Kate Betts
4. Classy and Very Classy by Derek Blasberg
5. Rookie Yearbook by Tavi Gevinsoj
6. It's Vintage Darling by Christa Weil
7. How to walk in High Heels by Camilla Morton
8. Parisian Chic by Ines de la Fressange 

Fiction ?

The Perk of Being Wallflower by Stephen Chibosky , its a Glee but less glamorous one 

The most important one ?
Teen Vogue Handbook
I read it every time I feel tired of my job, it perks me up !
Every girls should own one.

3. How you start your day every morning? 

Checking my whassap, email, social media, pray then get up and get my coffee
I know I should pray before everything
Hopefully I change next year
Pray before everything

4. According to your preference, what is your fashion's don't? 

For younger girl

Don't wear thin legging with short tshirt, your butt is not made for those construction worker to fantasize about

Don't wear low slung jeans if you know that your skin around your waist to upper butt is unclean with acne
That's utterly disgusting when you squat and they pop up

Don't show your overeating bulge over your tight blouse and jeans. I can't eat seeing those sight.
Loose can be chic too and try try try to look expensive.
That's why the list of my book for teen are how to look chic.
Forget about being Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande with their skin tight outfits, wake up, you still eat french fries they don't.
Its not easy being them, enjoy your teen hood.

Copying Alexa Chung or Kiko Mizuhara style is much easier. 

For the 30's 40 above

1. Don't wake up and fantasizing that you are Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner, its gonna frustrate you, remember they are 18 and a Victoria Secret model
Better be true and accept your own self rather than become a looney that look like rice sack in a plastic bag.
Stay elegant, people will appreciate you more.
Less heart ache too.

2. Change your hairstyle and style, don't stick to the 90's even that's your most favorite decade.
Try different makeup, experiment with colors. New style of clothing. And change a bit of clothing personality each season.
You don't wanna be that boring aunties don't you ? 

3. Boob job and booty job is alright, but not too much, you gonna have hard times getting a right dress for your size. No Alaia or Mr.Self Portrait that fits you. Just be normal.

5. As a stylist and a brainchild behind Moreno photography, with whom are you inspired  the most?

I dont consider myself as a fashion stylist, I am not there yet. I am a pre debut stylist, still learning and I never satisfy to what I've done, every time I see my work I think " ouch I should add this or I should take out that " so I am still in the step of trial and error hahahhahahah

I just love and collect fashion magazine since my teen years, I have a big box collection of Vogue from the mid 90's, I think they are all where my money gone, so the love of fashion I think it comes natural, I am not fashionable myself, I worship comfortableness but I just love seeing other people looking good and clothing that doesn't hurt my eyes.
So that maybe describe my job.
" to comfort your eyes "

My inspiration, guru, friend, the one that make me today, the one who influence me a little bit too much is Michael Pondaag, from Harpers Bazaar magazine, not knowing him, I might become the lady who designed book behind the desk.
Working together with him for years I think thats my real university.
And he is the one who made me dress as what I am today. With full tank of self confidence.

Didi Budiardjo the designer, from him I got my sharp eyes.
I think he influenced my life a little bit too much too. 

Shill from Shill Accessories, she makes fashion become fun but still looking fine.
Her taste is remarkable and her imagination is beyond fairy land.

Ibu Dian Muljadi the lady who read, learn, knows almost everything, she inspired me a great deal on becoming the woman who never say " I have no idea " or " I don't know "
She can talk to everyone about everything cause she is so knowledgeable.

An American manager in Aman Hotel Beijing.
I forgotten his name. But he inspire me a lot by the way he greet the guest, and talk about everything with the people with a pair of eyes that looks like he is talking to a very important person. 
I totally  forgotten his face but I can hear his voice and his bubbly accent.
I wanna become like him someday. 

All those humble ladies in the world, you inspire me.

The shopkeepers and hotel staff in Japan influenced me a lot on being polite, all smiley and their bow.

6. As cliche as the question sound, please describe sexy?

For me sexy is a set of clean flawless skin
Not too much makeup
Buck teeth and half opened mouth is very sexy. 
And a warm bubbly but devil may care kind of attitude
And the smell of fresh from shower.

That's sexy

Kiko Mizuhara is sexy, Du Juan and Liu Wen is my Oriental kind of sexy, young Brigitte Bardot and young Claudia Schiffer is sexy, Song Aimee and Song Dani are sexy. Margareth Zhang is sexy too. 
And I think Freja Beha Erichssen and Kate Moss are very sexy too ( even they have super flat chest )
Both white and dark skin are sexy.
And I think, Asian women are sexier than the Western.

7. As an enterpreneur and a founder of moreno and lost and found jakarta, what are your list of do's and dont's to build a brand and a success online business? 

I don't consider Moreno and Lost and Found is a success.
We still climb and stumble along the way.
I always consider myself a bad leader.
But then tell myself its okay we are all still learning.

Something we applied in our company is 

1. Stick to what we believe, don't change what we think is right and don't listen to advice that you think its not right for you.
You know your company better.

2. Better to lose clients than to accept clients who ask you to do whatever thing that you don't think its right.

3. Every company should have their own DNA.
Stick to that and don't lose personality.

4. One.most important thing Mrs. Dina Floral Line told me and I would remember to death.
Don't compare your self to another.
Don't even need to know how much are others paid.
Be yourself and pay whatever price you think you worth.
Don't even try to cheat and ask for other people price list.

5. Do you believe ? Me and my boys and girls in our company never follow or open competitor's instagrams and blog ?
I firmly say, never do that !
We should be inspired by our own mind.
In order to be a leading one someday.

6. Don't negotiate with quality.
Things must look better in reality than in picture. Thats our very first mantra.

7. Have a target user in mind. This way you know how you should build your photo portfolio.
Throw away pictures that you think against what you like. Don't regram things you don't like just to make someone happy.
You need to be firm to have a personality.

8. Always be polite and calm.
Its okay to be mad sometimes but do it elegantly

8. If God will granted you for a career swift in your life, what career would you pick? 

I want more know how but well mannered assistants 

I love what I am doing now
But if I could turn back the time, I always dream study in England and stay in their boarding dorm.
Thats my biggest dream never came true

*all photos courtesy from her instagram
 Instagram: @the_widira_s

co founder of @morenophotography and @lostandfoundjkt

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Re - Arranging

Last year has been nuts on me, and I'm so ready for 2016. How is it that after a moth full of holiday vibes and 4 days impulsively take a holiday off in Bali and I still feel tired.

People are went easy on me during December, most of them contact me via email (not call) when they want to reach me. But since it's now January, apparently we are BACK IN BUSINESS, and before you know it, everyone call or texting me all day with URGENT stuff.

I really wish I could have my coffee, but after a day in hospital after an acute case of gastric on December, I decide to go easy on my caffeine intake and been 'sober' ever since.

So, to put us back in work mood. I Decided to clean my working space re-arrange things. Some people call it Feng Shui if you believe on those stuff :).

Kamis, 24 Desember 2015

2015's Note

This year has been … perfectly, imperfect.

If I were about to reflect on how 2015 treat me, I would say God was surely challenged me in many ways, just to keep us moving.

Unrealistic expectations? Check! Learning experience? Double check !

Fast forward a full year, and I’ll tell you one thing for sure is nothing will ever  beperfect. Our system is very much ‘In progress’. We are improving customer service, and also our ‘return and exchange policy’ so it would give more benefit to our customers. We are changing many things, and it is still  feeling incomplete.

I completely envy those who’ve been able to create such a strong system in the beginning, meanwhile from what I saw, POTTS is  moving like a snail. We were moving so slow, just simply because me and Titov are quite conservative decision makers. We would love to see what works (or not) before we continue to another project. But one thing for sure we are moving, and we are open for many changes in the future (God please guide us!).

The highlight of my 2015 journey:
  • ·      Re-create our own textile by laser cutting, printing and embroidery with our own signature design.
  • ·      Re-structurise our production team
  • ·      Made my own wedding dress
  • ·      Walked down the aisle and say ‘I do’
  • ·      Got broke after the wedding
  • ·      Learn on how to cook and bake
  • ·      Indulge my self by re-read the whole Harry Potter book series (if it’s not important to be included as the highlight of the year, I don’t know what is)
  • ·      I’m learning that POTTS (and marriage life) are not a project that I can start and finish, but instead as space to learn and grow.

And, on second thought, I love this imperfect and unfinished project, It push me to grow and I had so many plans for it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! God Speed.
-Patricia Stephanie

Selasa, 17 November 2015

BTS | 1920 (The Concept Five Collaboration)

A few moons after discussing the initial idea for the next story we'll be working on, the difference is this time it wasn't inpired by character, but the whole era and it's story. We're working on the theme right after we launched our first collaboration together around May, therefore each of us had plenty of time tried something new and got creatives with this collaboration. For me it was the usage of handmade embroidery and chantily lace. Though handmade embroidery wasn't something really new in my workshop, we rarely made the entire collection based on it. We were really nervous at the beginning, not to mention Titov whom keep counting how many hours and effort to put into one piece of jacket or crop top :')  

The photoshoot went well, really well if I might add. Everyone was really in a good mood, probably because Moreno's crew made sure to feed us really well. It was like a week of diet ruin by a single photoshoot. Maybe they only know an empty stomach made a bad customer. We did had a little too much fun that day, but again working with moreno crew always put us on eased. I have never been feeling anxious, like photoshoot usually supposes to make designer's feel. I am alone can't simply wait for the results.

There's always a post about being grateful and saying thank you (this post is no difference). I'm guilty of it, and if some of you feel like  to roll your eyes when you read this post, don't worry I might too. Since I've built POTTS, I met and befriended many talented souls, and it was such an honored  to work into one collaboration with some of them (not to mention two). But, not only I'd like to say thanks to Moreno crew and The Concept Five collaboration team, but a personal thank you to all of you. It takes hard works and determination to build a business, but it surely nothing without the comunity that believe and stand beside it

- Patricia Stephanie

Photo by @agungkurniawan from @morenophotography
Styled by @the_widira_s
MUA @NJSmakeup
all behind the scenes photo by @wennysari

Minggu, 18 Oktober 2015

F/W 2015 Catalog | Daydream Amy

RIDING CAROUSEL dress | IDR 1.900.000
Material: printed silk duchess, tuille detail on waist
Inspired: Carousel on fall leaves  

RIDING CAROUSEL dress | IDR 1.900.000
Material: printed silk duchess, tuille detail on waist
Inspired: Carousel on fall leaves  

 RIDING CAROUSEL dress | IDR 1.900.000
Material: printed silk duchess, tuille detail on waist
Inspired: Carousel on fall leaves  

 FIND LOVE dress | IDR 1.400.000
Material: Silk Duchess with embroidered red heart on hip

 FIND LOVE dress | IDR 1.400.000
Material: Silk Duchess with embroidered red heart on hip

 FIND LOVE dress | IDR 1.400.000
Material: Silk Duchess with embroidered red heart on hip

 LONDON CALLING Bustier Top | IDR 1.100.000
Material: Printed silk duchess with cup and balen
Inspired by The City it Self

 LONDON CALLING Bustier Top | IDR 1.100.000
Material: Printed silk duchess with cup and balen
Inspired by The City it Self

LONDON CALLING Bustier Top | IDR 1.100.000 
Material: Printed silk duchess with cup and balen
Inspired by The City it Self

 FIRST KISS Bomber Jacket | IDR 1.250.000
Material: printed silk duchess and embroidery
Inpired by 'when boy meet a girl'


 FIRST KISS Bomber Jacket | IDR 1.250.000
Material: printed silk duchess and embroidery
Inpired by 'when boy meet a girl'

 FIRST KISS Bomber Jacket | IDR 1.250.000
Material: printed silk duchess and embroidery
Inpired by 'when boy meet a girl'

 HELLO KITKAT Cape | IDR 1.250.000
Material: Printed Silk Duchess with Pompom detail on tail 

 HELLO KITKAT Cape | IDR 1.250.000
Material: Printed Silk Duchess with Pompom detail on tail 

 HELLO KITKAT Cape | IDR 1.250.000
Material: Printed Silk Duchess with Pompom detail on tail 

PUT A BOW dress | IDR 1.800.000
Material: Silk Duchess with detacable big bow

PUT A BOW dress | IDR 1.800.000
Material: Silk Duchess with detacable big bow

RIDING CAROUSEL skirt | IDR. 1.250.000
Material: Printed Silk Duchess

                                         RIDING CAROUSEL skirt | IDR. 1.250.000
                                                  Material: Printed Silk Duchess

Credit Title:
Photographed by @try_hansen
Make up by @lala_8888
Shoes by @envelogy_id
Jewelry @tea_label