Kamis, 02 Januari 2014


(photo by Agung Kurniawan from Moreno photography, MUA by Clerence Victoria, Hair do by Daniel Putra, Accesories by Tea Label, Shoes by Ittaherl)

Each of my collections have a story behind them, and I want them to deliver by a good lookbook. The lookbook is not only consists of good quality picture but also implicates 'the story' behind them. In short sentence, for me a good picture is not only about a good quality image, but when the pictures speaks to itself. When Moreno sent me the first cd contains un-edited version of our lookbook, I was completely in awe on how perfectly they executed our lookbook. I felt like I could read every frame (not only look, but read). So I would like to say thank you to The widira who was kind enough guided me in the whole process of making the lookbook . It is by fate that our cross path, and am so happy that it is.

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