Minggu, 30 November 2014

Just a Thank You Note

I always wanted to write a thank you note, and I'm happy to finally got around on doing this, since it's been in my mind for a while.

I got so many questions about POTTS, when was it established, sometimes I giggled a little to tell them that we have not reached our 1st anniversary yet.

with this post we would like to share the photos of you wearing our design. why? just a little gratitude for the warmest welcome that we received and because we were picked to be included in 'fashion development programed' by INDONESIA FASHION WEEK.

 But we realized, that our greatest achievement is the friendship we  built together. we are still far from perfect and we would like to offer you an apology for our lack of services. Our resolution here in POTTS  is to keep changing and improving not only our products but also our services. we're not going only  to hire more seamstresses, so the production period could be reduced, but also more assistants and sales representatives so we could achieve a better communication with you.

I wish words can describe the deep gratitude I feel right now, but it seems just like not enough. That's why on our 1st anniversary , we will come up with something special. meanwhile please keep spreading the happiness.
- Patricia Stephanie

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