Kamis, 25 Desember 2014


 (my christmas carol 'the late pomeranian Keitaro')

I cannot believe this year has passed so quickly. I finally came back to Japan, enrolled to another design school, opened POTTS, lost a teacup pomerania through a heart condition, moved POTTS headquarter from my living room to more decent place at central Jakarta together with the workshop. OMG! who whould've thought?! I can say that 2014 are the biggest year of my life by far, and I can only anticipate what another year will bring

Thank you for the overwhelming support and amazing kindness. Thanks to my loyal customers who  keep coming back, and for being understand that we are not perfect. I am blessed beyond measure.

The main reason why I want to write this, because we want to apologize for every mistake made by us, either it was on our services or defect in our product. We would like you to know that Our customer are really important to us. Nothing is more important than trust you gave to us, and nothing is more disappointing to us than to break those trusts. We know we ask too much to make you wait for 7 weeks for a single clothing, but our quality is our 1st  priority as well as the well being of our seamstresses, therefore we hardly push them to work more than a normal work hour a day. We keep recruiting a huge amount of in house seamstresses every month, but we also cut most of our outsourcing partner that couldn't keep up with our quality standard or doesn't provide a well environment to their seamstresses.

We also provide more training to our customer service representative, so they could assist you better. We are prohibited the word 'We don't know', and We truly apologize of sales representative lack of experience to handle questions from customers.

So, Please do not give up on us as we will never give up to improve our self. if there's such thing like perfection, we will try to reach it. 

-Patricia Stephanie

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