Minggu, 21 Desember 2014

The Oriental Traveler BTS

In the middle of Christmas and End of the year euphoria, we are blessed with endless project and tight production schedule. Therefore this exciting project with Wina Namara couldn't have come at more frantic time! but that's the way I like it and I wouldn't want it in any other way.

After launching our newest catalog PERFECT IMPERFECTION, we thought we will never make Chinese New Year collection on time, and decided to skip the event because the process of sample developing is straight difficult and time bound process. It was a long journey from inspiration seeking until the sample met my expectation. 

But then I was contacted  by Wina an aspiring photographer, to make collaboration together for Chinese New Year project. Just to let you know, that a long time ago I fell in love with photography world. That I always respect and envy to female photographer out there who are living my other dream, and when she showed me some of her projects that she have done over the past years, I was genuinely in love and just have to say YES!  

One of the best part of working on a project like this  is being able to put together a team. So, thank you team, for doing and giving it to the max.

Above is behind the scenes photos, me and Devid (Rina Thang shoes) snap during photoshoot. enjoy!

credit title:
Photographed by Wina Namara
MUA and Hairdo by Rachel Lee
florist by Blumen Florist
Jewerly by Tea Label 
Diana (whin model) and Judith as talent

Check out their works by clicking their name above and follow their instagram account

-Patricia Stephanie

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