Selasa, 09 Desember 2014

Time and World Traveler

Thing about holiday is 'the more you have it, the more you want it.' Therefore after Japan, seems like my body and mind keep rejecting the idea of back to work with thousand things to get done in our new studio. So I did what I could do best in time like this, I decided to travel some more. A very little people out there know that we are already found way to travel around the world and through time, and this amazing time machine were invented hundred years ago and named 'books'.

the book that got my attention this month are #GIRLBOSS by Sophie Amaruso. the reason being is I can easily relate to the beginning of the story on how she struggled to built her fashion retailer brand, as I am now too are struggling to built POTTS. It really interest me on how people built their business from a very humble start (just like POTTS) and it's really inspire me to see how these people actually succeed. So thank you for sharing Sophie Amaruso, your story inspire us that hard work, determination and most importantly INTEGRITY will take you far.

Now! time to get back to work, move on from Japan and give my cat attention as he keep purring beside me and pushing my finger away from keyboard. It's amazing what a right book can do to boost your working spirit after a holiday induce coma.

-Patricia Stephanie

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