Senin, 12 Januari 2015


Every time I write a blog about my new collection, I always try to stay away from bias review. That's why I shy away from the word 'really good', 'beautiful pieces', or else. I just hope that our current collection are better than before as well our services. We realized that our biggest competition is the old collection.

This collection are about celebrating the upcoming festive cultural event 'The Chinese New Year' on mid February. We were so blessed that everything fall into it's place on very last minute, the clothing, the team, and the concept. 

The Oriental Traveler means to describe the cultural richness and long journey of Chinese culture in fashion. Of course we have our own interpretation of The Oriental Traveler. We make Twisted and modern cutting tops and dresses, added shanghai collar to most of the pieces of of this collection as a connection to the chinese heritage. Hope you enjoy it.

With this blog we also want to say Happy new Year 2015. With new year, begin new hope, new aspiration, and more improvement at our headquarter.

credit title
Photographed by @winanamara
Jewerly by @tea_label
Shoes by @rinathangshoes
Florist by @blumenflorist

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