Jumat, 13 Februari 2015


Finally our very first bazaar at senayan area was all wrap up, we are happy to see regular faces who came all the way from Pantai Indah Kapuk and Kelapa Gading and we are thrilled to introduce our brand to new faces from the area. I think our name card never been run out so many, in a long time. Because we caught in comfort zone and always held our pop up store at the same venue over and over again. So thank you for regulars for all the trip from north to the south, hope we made your journey worthwhile.

Been extra busy, as we held our pop up store two weeks in a row, meanwhile keep manage to
send dozens of packages to send before CNY event. Me and Titov are on the edge of getting ill, and even after all those bazaar we have to wake up at 5 and went all the way to Serpong, as we are invited to do couple photoshoot. With thunderstorm all day, there's flood everywhere and we are trapped at the Serpong area and journey back to home was hell. we were trapped at barely move traffic for almost 6 hours. 

When i finally reached home it was indeed a greatest relief i've ever felt, sleep more that 12 hours the next day and skip work just because flood trapped us and won't let us go anywhere. So, I made the best of the moment by getting rest, do lot of reading and played with my little dog Mochi. Maybe the flood are the only way to slow us down a bit, as we always get carry away with our everyday routine. it was such a pure bliss...

iphone case from @kimora_id

- Patricia Stephanie

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