Selasa, 24 Maret 2015

DE PAPILLON lookbook

There are days when words are bubbling in my head and it was so easy to set up a blog post, and there are days when I'm struggling to find words and still have nothing to write all day, and this day is one of those days. I blame it on eleven days bazaar at Mall Kelapa Gading V, it dried up most of my energy, and I physically and mentally exhausted. I took 3 days off from it but it was to do something even more exhausting: Couple shoot at Bromo. It was all tiring and left me on the edge of getting sick now. 

But Enough about me, this is our 3rd collaboration with Moreno Photography. We surely doesn't know how they does it but they again NAILED it. lots of people asked me wether we shot in a green house, but the truth is we are shoot indoor in their Kemang Studio. When I told them about my inspiration for 'De Papillon', I didn't need to explain much and none of the sample are ready, but they simply said 'Got it', and you know what? they really GOT IT. 

So I proudly present to you 'DE PAPILLON'. It's about a little butterfly who lives in a green house

photographed by @morenophotography @agungkurniawan
Styled by @the_widira_s
MUA and hairdo by @yulililac
Jewerly by @tea_label
Shoes by @ittaherl

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