Minggu, 01 Maret 2015


 (photos above are courtesy of pinterest)

routine of my daily life after work consists with going home then watching Nat Geo wild or reading books. So as my weekend goes, it fills with reading more books and watching more wilderness on screen. It really is my coming of age, but it was mesmerizing to see mother nature works, giving life to all of the creatures who live on earth. 

Do you know that the total amount of animal (include lice, insect etc) who live in a house is the same amount of total human who live in the world? scary, yes? or do you know that female praying mantis will decapitate the male's head while making because she feel incredible starvation during sex? probably that's why they had praying hand, in a hope to live long after made with the female. Ok, I just have to keep nerd-iness to my self 

So much beauty in this world, and so there's my inspiration for my next collection. 

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