Senin, 06 April 2015

Cheese and Click

Finally the wedding stress has got into me. I got into sleep deprive, eat less than I usually do, sore throat after sore throat. Anyhow, on the brighter side, I lost some of weight then everyone thought I was on wedding diet (HAHA). 

So, two months ago, we received offering from these two talented photographers to do couple shoot. We thought we really had enough couple shoot, considering we still got our pre-wedding shoot next June. But, after certain considerations, Me and Titov said yes. One of the consideration being that we will start to accept custom design for evening gown soon after my wedding over. So it was like a trial of our next project to see whether, I got the heart for it or not. 

It was such a chaotic month to prepared everything before we off to Bromo. I would say (again) that this project couldn't come more in my frantic time, but then I realized every project that come before the wedding, will always consider it as a bad timing. I prepared 5 looks, two of them are from POTTS and the other 3 are The Red Riding hood, Midnight Blue evening Gown and last but not least is a New York maxi skirt. All of them are now ready for rent, just drop our customer service a message.

As for my New York Maxi skirt, I love it so much. I send them to Bandung to get the New York Printed on the bottom side. I have no clear reason on why I Bring a New York Maxi skirt to a Bromo? or neither will it make sense? I just love the idea and know I have to go for it. so if anyone ask, what is my dream? i will say to them 'have you seen my maxi skirt? I have one of them printed on it' 

We only Got one day for photoshoot and we are pray for good weather. You know, a clear blue sky, no fog, no rain. but, God granted us with the opposite weather. So, I guess life it's truly not about praying for the storm to pass, but it's about to learn to dancing in the rain. And you know what? Me and Titov literally did. Luckily, the team was everything that I ever wish for, the photographer knew what they want, and the make-up and hairdo was neat and so oh-pretty! we prep in no time. The photographer quoted 'there's no such thing as bad weather, there's only different kind of good weather!'. Easy to say if you are inside 5 layers of outfit with hoody covering your head. Turns out it became the most prettiest frame we got. You Know what? I started to believe that there's no such thing as a bad thing, maybe there's only a good thing in different kind of way. maybe... 

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photographed by @cheesenclick
team @budionopheng @buthonggg

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