Selasa, 16 Juni 2015


So this is two things that i've been excited about lately: E-COMMERCE and a Temporary Permanent store.

Titov and I been ultra busy to get everything in order and it seems to coming together nicely. People constantly asking why I don't have an offline store or a web-store and the honest answer is that simply I don't have enough stock to meet the demand of the customers. 5-6 weeks production period are needed before we can actually send the items to you. But like all things we change, we evolve and now we have our own workshop, many crafters and expertise to work on our designs and ready to take the store to the next level.

It's been in my pipeline for some times to work with an E-COMMERCE platform whom curated unique pieces from the most talented emerging local designer, and finally I am working with one now. It's still a pre-order though, but we encourage our foreign buyer and also visa/master card holder to shop our product at www.loveandflair.com. 12 designs are available for pre-order on the webstore

(photo courtesy of loveandflair.com)

Along with 10 others local brand POTTS also having a semi permanent store now at LIPPO MALL PURI, Kembangan area west Jakarta. It's still a temporary store but I hope from this current experience we can actually develop better production system for a permanent store in the future. But, like i said ... Finger Crossed. Our most popular pieces are available there, and we also open pre-order for custom measurement on the spot (only available on weekdays, 10am - 6pm)

As a bigger believer that everything always happen for a reason, I feels that all these changes are heading to somewhere, even if it's mean working 12 hours everyday with no weekends or day-off whatsoever. God speed :) - Patricia Stephanie

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