Sabtu, 12 September 2015

'MIRROR' Lookbook POTTS pre-fall 2015

This collection's sketch already been hanging in our wall for 4 months before i finally got it developed. it took me longer than usual to get them made into real clothing,and printing them on real fabric. But what can i say? life happens, or in my case wedding happens.

But since the wedding subject is now off the table, and i finally can breathe again. Our postpone baby finally born: new printing, new pattern, and whole new design of POTTS pre-fall 2015 'MIRROR'. this whole collection is about symmetric design and printing, as if they were are reflected in the mirror.

With this collection, we also introducing new hues into the designs: grey and muted red! there is something about this color that make me empowered and strong as a woman.  I can't pin point exactly why? But maybe it's something to tell the world:  I am me! you will not define me as black, nor white, am collective and not loud, simply because i know I'm heard! Does it make sense to you? :P

-Patricia Stephanie 

styled by @alia_husin
photographed by @jessicatriputri
MUA by @NJSmakeup
Jewerly by @tea_label
Shoes by @envelogy_id

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