Selasa, 17 November 2015

BTS | 1920 (The Concept Five Collaboration)

A few moons after discussing the initial idea for the next story we'll be working on, the difference is this time it wasn't inpired by character, but the whole era and it's story. We're working on the theme right after we launched our first collaboration together around May, therefore each of us had plenty of time tried something new and got creatives with this collaboration. For me it was the usage of handmade embroidery and chantily lace. Though handmade embroidery wasn't something really new in my workshop, we rarely made the entire collection based on it. We were really nervous at the beginning, not to mention Titov whom keep counting how many hours and effort to put into one piece of jacket or crop top :')  

The photoshoot went well, really well if I might add. Everyone was really in a good mood, probably because Moreno's crew made sure to feed us really well. It was like a week of diet ruin by a single photoshoot. Maybe they only know an empty stomach made a bad customer. We did had a little too much fun that day, but again working with moreno crew always put us on eased. I have never been feeling anxious, like photoshoot usually supposes to make designer's feel. I am alone can't simply wait for the results.

There's always a post about being grateful and saying thank you (this post is no difference). I'm guilty of it, and if some of you feel like  to roll your eyes when you read this post, don't worry I might too. Since I've built POTTS, I met and befriended many talented souls, and it was such an honored  to work into one collaboration with some of them (not to mention two). But, not only I'd like to say thanks to Moreno crew and The Concept Five collaboration team, but a personal thank you to all of you. It takes hard works and determination to build a business, but it surely nothing without the comunity that believe and stand beside it

- Patricia Stephanie

Photo by @agungkurniawan from @morenophotography
Styled by @the_widira_s
MUA @NJSmakeup
all behind the scenes photo by @wennysari

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