Selasa, 05 Januari 2016

Re - Arranging

Last year has been nuts on me, and I'm so ready for 2016. How is it that after a moth full of holiday vibes and 4 days impulsively take a holiday off in Bali and I still feel tired.

People are went easy on me during December, most of them contact me via email (not call) when they want to reach me. But since it's now January, apparently we are BACK IN BUSINESS, and before you know it, everyone call or texting me all day with URGENT stuff.

I really wish I could have my coffee, but after a day in hospital after an acute case of gastric on December, I decide to go easy on my caffeine intake and been 'sober' ever since.

So, to put us back in work mood. I Decided to clean my working space re-arrange things. Some people call it Feng Shui if you believe on those stuff :).

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