Kamis, 03 Maret 2016


If you are running a small scale business (UKM) like mine, you'll find you're self multi tasking a lot. Sometimes I will be the designer, most of the times i will be a social media content creator/public relations, a sales person, and there are some days I also become a model too, like today :). My husband  who were also my partner was not so different than me. He was the head of production and daily operation, the finance guy, and sometimes are the photographer too (love you hubby).

On very different topic, you guys must know that I just made a survey, because I need to get a feed back from some of my customers. Some of the results came to us as a surprise. Like the answers to questions about 'which of POTTS collection you like the most', i would expecting that most of you will answer 'daydream amy' but turned out, it was the art deco inspired collection '1920' (what's happening?!?).

it was also warm hearted (and also a bit shocking) to saw that there's none of you, put our customer service quality rate below average, on the other hand most of you voted our customer service as 'high quality' :). thank you!

the main reason why I was decided to made survey is because I felt that I've been doing a weak customer service and needed your input for improvement.  Therefore seeing the results of the survey so far, come a bit shocked to me.

some of the results are more predictable though. From the survey, it's confirmed that only few of you who read the blog (yes! this blog!). But, I really enjoy writing (when I have time of course), so I really don't care that if almost no one reads this blog (5 people particularly from the survey), and knowing that this blog was so unpopular, it gives me more freedom to create the content for it :). Because you know, your instagram will be about your persona you created, you can't post one content on instagram without thinking thoroughly about the effect of it to the whole other content, or wether it's about to send the right messages. But this blog and our new baby: snapchat, will be about our personal thought and daily life. So.... thank you so much to five of you who read this blog and to all of you who care enough to do the survey

if you haven't done the survey please click here, so you can give us a valuable input and help us to improve.

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