Rabu, 09 Maret 2016

S/S 2016 Lookbook | Hana

This is the very first ever we are bringing the whole team (including @tea_label 's team) for 'out of town' photoshoot with Adi (@jonihobiholiday). It was such an exciting moment to work alongside with Adi for POTTS lookbook. I remembered seeing Adi's work after a few friends (who were such fanatic of his work) was totally recommended him, to hired him  as our wedding photographer. Which we did! (fortunately). Me and Titov's most favorite frame of our wedding day was the one he shot with his film camera. it was stunning, with a perfect colour tone and solid mood. And I remembered how I wish that he shot our wedding, everything on film.

Fast forward six months and and we find our self  in photoshoot with him (again), but this time it's for POTTS and now we are going to shoot all day using film. It was such an uneasy experience and feeling, since not only we can't take a peak of our photoshoot that day, but also it was going to be finished a month after, since Adi needed to send all the films to US to get them developed and scanned it before starting on editing process. Such a long journey isn't it?

I can't stressed enough on how rain is pouring through the whole week before we're about to having our photoshoot. My very first questions when we landed was 'How is the weather in Bali recently?'. the driver told me that how Bali's been pouring the whole weeks and I was thinking 'Ok, no problem. if tomorrow rain then we'll find a place and just shoot indoor. To which God bless us with the sun were shinning a bit too bright that day. we prep our photoshoot both indoor and outdoor.

....... anddd, below is the frame I was talking about. Hope you feel the same with me. 

Credit Tittle:

Photographed by @jonihobiholiday
Accesories by @tea_label
Shoes by @ittaherl
Make Up by @byvinnyolivia

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